It's Getting Crowded in Your Soul Harem

Co-Author of Grave Impressions, an 18+ yaoi noir webcomic set in the 1940s.

Super College Level Creative Writer. Writing = Breathing.

Ivan Braginsky, Tohru Adachi, and Bertholdt Hoover are my babies.

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✔Harry Potter
✔Shingeki no Kyoujin/Attack on Titan
✔Dangan Ronpa
✔Welcome to Night Vale

Hetalia: Russia/America, FrUK
MCU: Open-minded. Currently: Thunderfrost, FrostIron, IronGiant, Stucky
Persona: Dojima/Adachi, Adachi/Izanami, Chie/Yukiko
SNK: Reiner/Bertholdt, Ymir/Christa, Jean/Marco
Vocaloid: Kaito/Miku, Gakupo/Kaito
DanRon: Sakura/Asahina, Ishimondo
Night Vale: Cecil/Carlos.

I have too many feels and not a single fuck to give.

This blog has NSFW material. You've been warned.